Blooms in Season - Fall


Carnation flowers are a beautiful and popular choice for gardens and bouquets. Their delicate, frilly petals and sweet aroma make them a favorite among gardeners and floral arrangements. The beauty of growing carnation flowers lies in their versatility and range of colors. From deep red and pink to soft white and yellow, carnations can add a pop of color to any garden or arrangement. They also have a long flowering period, making them a reliable choice for continuous blooms throughout the growing season. Whether planted in a garden bed or used as a cut flower, carnations are sure to bring a touch of beauty and elegance to any setting.


Dahlia flowers are a true beauty in the garden and a true florist favorite! With their vibrant colors and stunning blooms, they add a pop of color and cheer to any garden or bouquet. They are relatively easy to grow and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a versatile addition to any landscape. Their delicate petals and intricate center patterns make them a delight to behold, and the way they sway in the breeze adds a gentle grace to the garden. Growing dahlia flowers is a rewarding and enjoyable experience that brings joy and beauty to any space.


Sunflower flowers are a beautiful and popular choice for florists. The large, vibrant yellow petals are a stunning addition to any bouquet or arrangement, bringing a sense of sunshine and cheer to any space. Plus, their ability to turn towards the sun as it moves throughout the day adds an element of movement and liveliness to the display. Growing sunflower flowers not only provides a beautiful product for sale, but also brings joy to the process of cultivation.

and also... rudbeckia, echinacea, roses and late bloomer zinnias.

Just to name a few.